URL: https://danalytics.ir/api/v1

Data API Documentation


By Danalytics DATA API you are able to:

API URL: https://danalytics.ir/api/v1


To perform a simple data upload, make post request to the provided url.

Keep in mind that by uploading, your data will be inserted to a specific table that you sppecify in URI. The only table that you can upload to is dnt-sales. So get access to CSV file provided in Danalytics Panel to understand the data structure of dnt-sales table.

Keep in mind that any request greater than 3MB will be dropped.

curl -X POST -H "dana-api-key: [API-KEY]" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"data": [[...], [...], [...]]}' \


POST   https://danalytics.ir/api/v1/upload/api/TABLE_NAME

    "data": [
        [...], [...], [...], 

Response Body

Status 200

    "message": STRING
    "cargo": {
        "id": INT
cargo.id is the id if your upload, which you can delete later on.

Status 4XX

    "message": STRING,
    "reason": STRING