URL: https://danalytics.ir/api/v1

Danalytics REST API Documentation


You can use the Danalytics REST API to make calls to manipulate the data you need to integrate with Danalytics. Danalytics REST API has designed based on the pragmatic architecture syle.


There is only one way that you can access to Danalytics API, API-KEY.

$ curl -H "dana-api-key: API-KEY"

All API access is over HTTPS, and accessed from https://danalytics.ir/api/v1 url, take this into consideration that so far only v1 is out. All data is sent and received as JSON.
FYI, HTTP/2 is used.

Each API endpoint is protected by rate limiting mechanisms, therefore pay serious attention to each endpoint rate limit.

Obtaining API-KEY

Right after getting access to your Danalytics account, you can hop in to the Management section, scroll all the way down. On the API-KEY section you can easilly find your API-KEY. Refreshing your API-KEY is a way to stay safe and clean.